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Massage and its Benefits

There is so much documented research on the therapeutic benefits of massage, beyond the pure enjoyment and relaxation . Massage is no longer just considered a luxury, there are benefits physically as well as to mental and emotional wellbeing.

Sometimes It can be difficult to stop, switch off, quiet a busy, anxious or worried mind. Or simply to make sure we put time aside for ourselves…

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the gift of SELF CARE. In this busy world of demands, responsibilities and constant stimulation it can be a real gift to “take time out to take time within”... Pause…Breathe…Centre, intentionally…

To take some precious time to be still, allow yourself time to “just BE”.

Come with the intention of what you would like to receive, how you want to feel when you leave…then leave the busy world outside the door…step into what I consider your sacred time, just for you…your time to receive, relax deeply, feel nurtured, release the stress, tension and anxieties held in the body and mind.

Feel more deeply centred in the silent, still, sacred place within yourself…the place of deep inner peace, calm, inspiration, clarity and innate wisdom…the place of balance within yourself where deep healing occurs. Emerge from your session feeling more deeply centred relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Occasionally, after a massage a client may feel tired and aware of how busy or out of balance they really have been. While restoring balance your body may need to rest after a session. If this is so, I encourage you to honour your body’s message, take the time to relax and fully restore. Be gentle with yourself. Either way, stay hydrated with water as you recalibrate and the body releases toxins.

Imagine the ambience of a relaxing, accepting environment, set up as a sacred place of healing and calm. Respectful, professional and caring. Warm oils, the fragrance of pure essential oils working their therapeutic magic. Relaxing music or silence…your choice.

I have over 20 years experience as a massage therapist within which I have developed the sensitivity and art of “tuning in” to what you need so that each massage is uniquely tailored for you. I’m always open to constructive feedback or questions you may have as well as open communication to have your needs met.

Some of the benefits of massage

Experience deep relaxation physically, mentally, emotionally.

Great if you are tense, stressed, worried, anxious, needing time to rebalance from a busy, rushed or demanding schedule.

How? By the release of “feel good’ endorphins, not only beneficial for relaxation and inner peace, joy. Massage also is soothing and strengthening the nervous system. Feel calm, balanced, deeply relaxed, replenished. Massage is a wonderful help to lower blood pressure, heart rate, soothe away and ease chronic pain, irritable bowel, relieve tension headaches, help fibromyalgia pain, improve sleep, ease problems associated with arthritic pain, cardiovascular health, soothes mild anxiety and depression…

Improve circulation and flexibility, the release of tension and knots in muscles easing away aches and pains.

Massage stimulates and strengthens your immune and lymphatic system, assisting detoxification, boosting energy and vitality.

Massage can be so valuable for those who are grieving, lonely, suffering chronic pain, in need of some nurturing and or caring attention.

Massage stimulates and assists restoring balance to our endocrine and hormonal system. Add in the healing benefit of appropriate essential oils or NZ First Light Essences to help with Infertility or to support changes associated with pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal shifts, mood swings and menopause.

Re-align with your body’s innate intelligence to heal itself from a place of stillness. Equally, feel centred to connect more deeply with your inner self, intuition, clarity, creativity.

There will be immediate benefits and over a period of a number of massages rewire the brain and messages to the body to maintain peace and calm to a greater extent no matter your external circumstances. It’s not about waiting to for everything to be perfect in life to feel good.

The number of massages depends on your particular circumstances and we discuss this and work out a plan for you personally.

Of course you don’t have to have a problem to receive a massage. Just as perfect for the person that recognizes that part of great self care includes time out to receive, relax and maintain balance for optimal levels of health and wellbeing.

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