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Sound is a Powerful Healer

Sound Meditation

The first time I experienced the singing crystal bowls was a profound experience for me.

I went with an open, curious mind, feeling drawn to the experience without knowing why and free of any preconceived ideas. The impact lasted for a few days which left me amazed and curious to learn more. Im not going to describe it because it is different for everyone and when you choose to come and experience for yourself, I want the experience to be yours as it is…free of expectations or ideals.

In saying the above I would like to share some information for anyone interested to know more about sound healing.

For instance, curiously, sound is not just experienced through the ears….Sound is a vibration that is transmitted thru the body, especially the bones and water of which we are 75%. Scientific studies show sound enters the body directly before being processed by the brain which is one of the many reasons sound can be an immediate healing tool and a form of meditation free of thoughts...we feel the sound before we hear the sound! This is a great form of meditation for people who have an over active mind.

Sound healing is not new although there certainly is a re-emergence of interest and acceptance by mainstream in our western culture in more recent times.

Also thanks to quantum physics and new technology, sound and vibrational healing are gaining acceptance into modern western medicine, Ancient wisdom being new again.

The history dates back to Ancient Greece where Pythagoras uncovered the power of vibration and sound.

Although, music and sound is used by all cultures across the ages for healing and historically it has held a deeply sacred space in the hearts, minds and bodies of many people. Whether used as a catalyst for deeper insight, wisdom, transformation, growth or celebration, joy and healing.

Take a moment for yourself now and consider the impact mentally and emotionally and perhaps physically when you hear beautiful music compared to music you do not like…or the sound of a child giggling compared to a shrill harsh voice... the sound of crashing waves from the ocean compared to gently lapping, rhythmic waves... or melodic bird song compared to a screeching bird...

I know you know the affect different sounds have on you in personal experiences.

Do you know: There are many scientifically proven health benefits from therapeutic sound healing.

Scientific studies show that sound can produce changes in the autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems in our body. Dis-harmony within the body can be restructured by sound.

For instance can assist a shift in brain waves from a normal active waking state to slower brain waves of deeper relaxation, as with meditation or daydreaming or sleep.

Regular listening to crystal singing bowls is a powerful, but gentle, way to balance the hemispheres of the brain and improve the synapse response within the brain. The results can range from feeling relaxed, soothed and calm and emotionally a release and letting go of deeply held emotions.

Mentally enhance, induce relaxation and calm while experiencing increased levels of clarity and focus, inspiration or insights and creativity.

The energetic harmony is great for stress relief, including relief from mild anxiety and depression, inducing peace on many levels. Switching the nervous system from a state of flight and fright to a state of relaxed presence and ease.

Many experience an improved quality of sleep.

Reduced levels of pain and release of tension in the body.

Boost and stimulate the immune system as well as assisting detoxification at a cellular level. (which is one of the reasons I always suggest drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated before and after a sound bath meditation.)

Assisting to shift and release negative energy and stress within the body, chakras and aura; to release and free up stagnant or blocked energy and restore balance.

The tones from the crystal bowls enhance balance to your body and chakras, bringing subtle bodies into alignment, including opening and balancing meridians of the body.

Therapeutic sound and vibrations are a uniquely potent form of energy that can bring about deep levels of healing and transformation and entrains us to the vibrations of our own true essence as well assisting deeper levels of consciousness and expanded awareness.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is a holistic form of Vibrational Medicine and is based on the scientific principles that all matter, including the cells in your body, vibrate to a precise frequency when healthy and to a dissonant frequency when in imbalanced states, illness or dis-ease.

The use of tuned, deep-vibration therapeutic instruments such as crystal bowls and koshi chimes used during healing and meditation can balance these dissonant frequencies and bring them back into harmony.

I need to mention sometimes during a crystal bowl session you may feel tension, moody or dislike the sound of a particular bowl. This is merely highlighting where there is a dissonance or lack of harmony within yourself or a "stirring" of that part of the body as it recalibrates into balance and harmony.

All of this is as simple as sitting or lying down in a comfortable position, absorbing the pure vibrations and sounds while harmony and balanced can be restored in body and mind.

What is Resonance?

Resonance is the operating principle that sound healing rests on. The two essential aspects of resonance are:

1. Like attracts like

2. The strongest pure vibration in any given environment will bring all other like vibrations into uniformity with it.

Vibrational energy from the crystal bowls acts as a resonant catalyst guiding towards wholeness for energy that has lost its natural state and pure tone through mental or physical illness or imbalance. Excessive energy is toned down and deficient energy is made full. Relax into a crystal bowl healing meditation or session to re-establish a resonance of health and balanced wellbeing.

How Do We Hear?

Hearing is an amazing ability inherent in the entire body. Although the ears are the most important and most sensitive instrument of hearing, they are just one of the ways we hear.

The sound waves that we perceive in the ears and head are actually vibrating throughout the entire body. To really hear something is to experience the vibration from head to toe. Even the bones and organs feel the tone and intensity of sounds.

Not all sound affects our systems the same way.

Quartz is a vibrational transmitter, it is used as a transmitter in almost all of our technologies. Humans are primed to receive the sound and vibration that crystal bowls make in our bodies because we are water and our bones have a crystalline structure that creates an entrainment between sound and body.

In simple terms, as we are 65-75% water and humans are great receptors to the vibration of the crystal quartz bowls experienced in our cells. When you “hear” a crystal bowl, you will feel it as much as you hear it in each part of your body, whether you are aware of it or not...and each part of the body is then in a feedback loop with your brain. (a subject to large for this blog).

The sound is so pure and visceral it can begin to train your body how to hear information throughout your body.

The invitation with the sound bath meditations is to relax and be open to receive the sounds and vibrations (without thinking about it). Learning to listen to your whole body with awareness becomes transformational and a powerful tool for your health, mentally, emotionally and physically.


Crystal bowls and Chakras

The Chakra System is very interesting, because it reflects your vibration, like an energy signature of both your inner and outer worlds constantly in flux depending on your emotions, mood, physical health.

When chakra energy is balanced, it is reflected in a more balanced life physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. Singing Bowls can help balance the Chakra energy system. Each crystal bowl is specifically tuned to a chakra frequency, these frequencies are then projected into the whole body and a dis-eased area, and balanced harmonic patterns can be restored.

Koshi Chimes and Chakras

Koshi chimes are authentic hand made musical instruments made in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains of France.

Each chime is harmoniously tuned with soft, rich overtones that create soothing musical melodies.

Each chime is designed with eight notes and one of four tunings, representing one of the four elements, fire, earth, water or air.

Each element also has notes relating to the different chakras. For example, the koshi chime representing the element water resonates with a combination of notes A D F G. These in turn resonate with Brow, Sacral, Heart and Throat chakras.

The koshi chimes are hand played and provide an enchanting soundscape that can uplift the heart and free your mind into delight, joy and presence.

More about Chakras

Basically, each chakra corresponds to a different body area, neural network, organ system, vibration, colour – and a different musical note or frequency

This is a very brief, simplified summary:

1st Chakra (Root/red) – survival, stability, security Note C – skeletal/spine

2nd Chakra (Sacral/orange) – creativity, sexually Note D – reproduction/bladder

3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus/yellow) – self empowerment Note E – stomach/liver

4th Chakra (Heart/green) – love, compassion Note F – heart/circulation

5th Chakra (Throat/blue) – expression Note G – lungs/throat

6th Chakra (3rd Eye/indigo) – intuition Note A – sinus/lower brain

7th Chakra (Crown/violet) – spiritual connection Note B – nerves/upper brain

In simple terms, everything vibrates … Every atom, molecule, cell, gland and organ of the human body absorbs and emits vibration and sound and has a ‘vibration signature’ which reflects your emotional and physical health.

When an organ or body part is healthy, it creates a natural resonant frequency in harmony with the rest of the body. And just as a musical instrument can go out of tune with use, so can our bodies – creating disharmony & disease.

Take a moment now and imagine being completely immersed within soothing, healing and empowering sound vibrations resonating from a chakra set of quartz crystal singing bowls.

I invite you to relax into the pure sound tones and vibrations of the crystal bowls as well as the magic and joy of the celestial harmonies of the Koshi chimes. You can tune into deeper levels of balance and self-healing with the harmonic resonance as you my opinion a truly beautiful experience.

Call me today to book in for my next group sound bath meditation, available during level 3. Or your own one on one session in my clinic, together with a massage or as a stand alone therapy (once lockdown restrictions allow.)


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