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Mindfulness & creative guided meditations

Group or Individual Sessions


Regain a life of harmony, balance, joy and peace

​As wisdom cultures know and science is now proving, meditation deeply relaxes the mind and body while replenishing and restoring energy at the same time.


With a regular practice meditation enhances the quality of one’s life and wellbeing in so many ways. Check out my blog on Meditation.

What can you expect?

Initially there is a six week commitment, to give you an opportunity to learn the basics and experience regular meditation with support. This can be an ongoing group if you choose to continue. There will be a regular combination of both Mindfulness meditation and guided creative meditations. You will learn about and experience the differences and benefits of both.


What will you learn?

Develop a strong foundation for beginners Mindfulness meditation. Achieve immediate and noticeable results. Avoid the common misunderstandings. Learn some guidelines to enhance your sessions and personal practice.


Why meditate as a group

  • As we meditate in a group, the combined and shared energy together is greater than the sum of its parts, enhancing the energy and experience for all

  • It is a wonderful support for your own personal practice.

  • As we learn as a group we discover most people have similar challenges to begin with.

  • As a group there is encouragement and support to maintain a commitment to yourself and initially to the group as well.


The body and mind want to return to a state of neutral balance…like pushing a refresh button … meditation gives the us the sense of feeling renewed, refreshed and revitalised.

Meditation can be confronting and therefore I include and encourage compassionate self awareness as an integral part of your practice and how we meditate together as a group.

Opportunities for private 1-on-1, family or group meditation also available, either at my clinic or your place of work


I offer a safe, supportive, nurturing environment to experience and practice Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Visualisation Meditations for enhanced levels of wellbeing - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Sessions are available at Northcote Point:  Mornings 10am-11am and Evenings 7.30pm-8.30pm  


Call me today to find out when then next Meditation Classes begin.


Cost: $150 paid in advance for 6 week commitment.

With the opportunity to continue in 6 week blocks if desired.


Please read my blog on the benefits of meditation for more information.


Please enjoy a mindfulness practice from Michelle Plaisted below:

Deeper connection to self
00:00 / 14:35
Mindfulness to relax
00:00 / 12:46
Mindful self-awareness & acceptance
00:00 / 12:37

For best results: 10 minutes a day, every day, will vastly improve your inner peace

and resilience to stress through these uncertain times.

Crystal bowl sound bath meditation evenings also available monthly.

Please enquire if interested - limited spaces available.

"It is with great pleasure I write this:

Michelle is not only completely professional but loving & compassionate. She creates a safe loving space weather it is with her extremely talented and therapeutic massage or in one of her meditation classes. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Michelle & trust in her wealth of knowledge that she has acquired. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing massage or wanting to learn meditation."

Debbie B, Auckland

Buddha Statue

Joe Dispenza

“Meditating is also a means for you to move beyond your analytical mind so that you can access your subconscious mind. That’s crucial, since the subconscious is where all your bad habits and behaviors that you want to change reside.”

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