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Rei - Universal or higher power
Ki - Life force energy (Chi/Prana)




Originating in Japan.  

Reiki brings healing and balance to the whole person (body, mind, emotions & soul) where vital energy has become blocked & unbalanced. 

Reiki has a positive affect on all illness and negative conditions by facilitating integration and alignment, cellular regeneration, rejuvenation and vibrational enhancement, harmonising all the energy fields. A wonderful complement to all other medical or therapeutic techniques, assisting to reduce negative side effects, promote healing and shorten recovery rates, reducing or eliminating pain, inflammation and stress to accelerate self healing.


During your session, you can choose to sit or usually to lay down and relax, fully clothed.  I lightly place my hands on specific areas of your body, head or limbs while a transfer of energy flows through me (not from me).

What one experiences during a session varies from one person to another. However, most people feel deeply relaxed and peaceful and by the end of your session, refreshed, more positive and balanced.

Follow up care:

After a session with me in person or with distant healing, I recommend these things to enhance and support your healing 

treatment.  Drinking plenty of water to flush toxins out of your body. Listening to your body and it's needs, pay attention to your energy level, you may want a nap afterwards. You may want extra sleep over the next day or two as your body recalibrates in a state of rest, repair and rebalance.

It is supportive to avoid or minimise alcoholic drinks for 48 hours after treatment.

Be gentle with yourself emotionally over the following few days and open and receptive to new clarity, awareness or insights for yourself.


90 mins $130 

60 mins $100


60 mins $100.00
90 mins $130.00

Reiki Testimonials

M.S., Auckland - 15th October 2021

"Michelle is a warm, gentle and skilled intuitive energy practitioner. I regularly see Michelle for massage and reiki, and sometime join her full moon crystal bowl sound healings which are truly delightful experiences. Over lockdown, I really needed a reset so booked a remote reiki session. It was so incredibly powerful, I could feel her energy moving inside me in a way I have never felt during an in-person session, and I felt amazing for days afterwards.

I’ve received many kinds of energy treatments over many years but none as powerful as this. I’ve since had a second session and think I will only book remote reiki now. Something special happens when you are in the comfort of your own bed and able to come in to presence fully relaxed. I can’t recommend Michelle and this treatment highly enough.”  

Emily, Piha - 21st October 2021

"Thank you Michelle for the beautiful Reiki treatment I had today-it was extraordinary.  I wasn’t sure how it would unfold being remote but I think in many ways it was deeper and more profound as I was at home lying on my own bed and hadn’t driven through Auckland traffic and all that entails, to be with you physically.

The cards you drew on my behalf were bang on and set the perfect framework for the energy work. Thank you for sharing all your gifts with me and all your clients.  I’m already looking forward to my next session- thanks again Emily.”

Aoife O, Auckland
"Five years ago, I was recommended to go see Michelle Plaisted during an extremely difficult and challenging time. From that day on, my life has changed, and continues to change, massively for the better. 

Through reiki healing, relaxation massages, meditation, First Light Essences of New Zealand and hypnotherapy too, Michelle is my secret weapon in overcoming all that life has thrown at me. The type of secret weapon others can only dream of. She has also been my number one cheerleader in achieving my personal and professional goals. I am very lucky to have found her!

Michelle operates from a pure, serene and loving space - her depth of knowledge, experience and passion for what she does is unparalleled. To say I recommend her is an understatement. She is priceless." 


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