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Michelle Plaisted Natural Therapies


I love and appreciate vitality, inner peace, balance and wellbeing.  I have a passion for these things personally and I am dedicated to providing a service that includes sharing what I have learnt through many years of study and life experience.

My first formal introduction to Natural Therapies was with my three year full-time study at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine for a Naturopathic Diploma in my 20's. From there I assisted and taught part-time at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies and have had my own practice for over 20 years.

Since enjoying and completing my Naturopathic studies in 1994 I have continued to enjoy learning and growing including actively pursuing a personal spiritual path of self growth.

Reiki is a calling that began for me in 2008 starting with Reiki Level 1. Reiki is integrated into one's own life for quite a while before offering it to others. I went on to Level 2 and then in 2012 Reiki Master (Level 3).

Since 2007 - Learning directly from Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber (Internationally renowned) has been a huge privilege. Studying The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa and becoming a First Light Flower Essence Practitioner has been an experience of personal and professional development of which I am enriched by and deeply grateful.

Then in 2017 a series of synchronistic events led me to more study and after a year, complete my studies as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  This is one thing I never would have imagined doing. Like most people, when I first heard about it I had to get past my misgivings of what clinical hypnotherapy actually is and can do. It is so different from the way it is portrayed in the movies and on T.V. It is an amazing therapy for empowering clients and supporting positive change and enhancing one's life.

More recently, during the lockdowns in Auckland due to covid-19, I advanced my studies in Hypnotherapy.

I have become qualified as a Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapist working at the deepest levels of the human psyche which is at the level of the human soul and spirit. 


 I am also facilitating meditation classes - both mindfulness and creative visualisation meditation. Meditation has been my saving Grace in many significant ways.  I discovered how to overcome a habitually anxious, over active mind. I experience joy in simplicity, and an inner knowing I can trust. My inner resources are now my best source of strength.  


 I believe in the therapies I offer. Im using methods grounded in a holistic understanding, working with clients who want to be empowered in their own healing process often by learning and incorporating simple self care tools into their life. I love what I do and I feel passionate and honoured to guide, share, inspire and empower others with the knowledge, wisdom and experience from which I have learn't. 


Looking forward to meeting you. Arohanui Michelle

Body | Mind | Emotions | Soul

Heather G

“It is always a treat for the mind to calm and relax and a treat for your body to release and repair when you have a therapeutic massage with Michelle. When I leave I feel peaceful and replenished. Michelle's knowledge of natural therapies and her intuition of what your body needs is amazing.

“I have also done Michelle’s beginners meditation course – it has taught me to quiet my busy mind and to be able to find deep relaxation and calm. Our group, who were mainly strangers to each other, decided to continue the group meditation with Michelle after the initial 6 weeks as we had all got so much out of the course – least not an amazing sleep after each session. After 6 weeks I had the confidence to self-meditate and to find clarity each day.”

Sarah W

"I have been a client of Michelle Plaisted for many years. Keep your crippling high heels and your toxic makeups my guilty pleasures are massages. I've had massages all around the world and nothing/nobody compares to a two hour session with Michelle. She intuitively knows where all of my sore spots are and sorts them out effortlessly. Also it is not uncommon for me to get into my car after a session and just burst into tears. A release of tension is always a good thing which is why I make it a point to regularly visit/book a session with Michelle. Secretly she has the hands of a goddess but don't tell anyone else she become to busy."

Victoria H

"Michelle is a hugely talented, supportive therapist with so many gifts to share. She offers her unique, gentle and loving healing energy in a safe and nurturing environment. I came away from my sessions experiencing deep relaxation, pure nourishment and feeling incredibly energised. A truly authentic experience. I can’t thank you enough."

Sarah B

“Michelle is a woman of many talents. I have been going regularly to Michelle for a number of years and would not settle for anywhere else. Her massage always suits exactly what my body needs with her intuitive, nurturing style. Her experience of obvious though never forced and I always leave feeling 100 times better than when I walked in. She comes with my highest recommendation you will not be disappointed.”

Josie C

"I have been going to Michelle regularly for several years to have massage therapy and treatment for my arthritis and migraines. I have always found her to be knowledgable and supportive during my times of treatment. Her nurturing and gentle kind manner is very healing and I've always felt comfortable in her care. She provides a peaceful and restful atmosphere in her therapy clinic with beautiful soothing music and exquisite aromatherapy oils.

I have also attended her meditation classes which provide a wonderful antidote to a busy life. Michelle always goes beyond expectations in her care and willingness to share her knowledge of holistic medicine and therapies.

I highly recommend Michelle and always look forward to my next treatment with her."

Myrna H (aged 82)

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Michelle Plaisted . I have been attending Michelle for massages for many years and have received huge benefits from her which has kept me mobile and almost free of pain.

I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism. She is an extremely caring person and she accurately reads my physical needs brilliantly.

I have no hesitation in recommending her, she is an expert in her field. And very understanding and caring."

Jody W

"I have been attending Michelle's meditation classes and fining them hugely beneficial to my wellbeing. I have learnt so much and my brain is starting to develop new pathways, instead of a fight or flight moment. I have learnt to pause, breath and notice!

Michelle is very knowledgable and supportive, it is a treat every week to learn to be alert and relaxed in Michelle's delightful classes."

Rachel S

"I was introduced to Michelle by a good friend and what a fabulous recommendation that was. Whether it is a lovely relaxing massage or learning the tranquility that meditation can bring she has a true healers gift. I feel very fortunate to have met Michelle and I look forward to continuing my journey of self development and balance. Namaste."

Debbie B

"It is with great pleasure I write this:

Michelle is not only completely professional but loving & compassionate. She creates a safe loving space weather it is with her extremely talented and therapeutic massage or in one of her meditation classes. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Michelle & trust in her wealth of knowledge that she has acquired. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing massage or wanting to learn meditation."

Megan M

"I have been a client of Michelle’s for many years. I first went to Michelle with a sore back and shoulder from playing a lot of tennis, and I’ve also seen Michelle for regular relaxing massages. Michelle has a very gentle and calming nature. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and importantly her treatments are effective. 

I have confidently referred many family, friends and acquaintances to her who have all been very grateful for the introduction."

Louise A

"I always look forward to my massages with Michelle. She is very caring and nurturing. Such a gentle soul and a wonderful energy to be with. I know whatever is going on for me, I feel better after my time with Michelle.

This is also true of Michelle's meditation group I recently joined. A calm relaxing space where Michelle guides us through various meditations.  She is very mindful, respectful and a good communicator.

A lovely space to come and take time out, no matter what treatment you choose to have."

Jen E

"It has been my pleasure to know Michelle for approximately 10 years and during this time she has played  a vital part in my well-being. Michelle has such a broad spectrum of skills at her ‘finger tips’ and can adapt her treatment according to what will be most beneficial to her client. This can range from firm massage to relaxation techniques.

I highly recommend Michelle both as an individual and therapist."

Penny M

"I have been visiting Michelle for massage therapy for 8 years and can highly recommend her. She is very intuitive and seems to be able to “feel” exactly where help is needed. She is a very warm and empathetic person while at the same time maintaining a very professional manner. My 18 year old daughter has also been visiting her for massage over the last few years and although was a little apprehensive to start, has quickly come to appreciate the benefits as much as I have.

My husband and I have attended some of Michelle’s wellness/meditation sessions which she conducts in the same calm and warm manner making all feel very comfortable. She is passionate and articulate and able to explain the benefits of meditation in a way that we can all understand.

I wish Michelle all the best in her business ventures and look forward to my visits to her for many years to come."

Sharon P

"I have been going to Michelle for 17 years. I go every month for a massage. Michelle is a very kind, caring person who is excellent at her job.

I would recommend Michelle to anyone who needs treatment."

Aoife O

"Five years ago, I was recommended to go see Michelle Plaisted during an extremely difficult and challenging time. From that day on, my life has changed, and continues to change, massively for the better. 

Through reiki healing, relaxation massages, meditation, First Light Essences of New Zealand and hypnotherapy too, Michelle is my secret weapon in overcoming all that life has thrown at me. The type of secret weapon others can only dream of. She has also been my number one cheerleader in achieving my personal and professional goals. I am very lucky to have found her!

Michelle operates from a pure, serene and loving space - her depth of knowledge, experience and passion for what she does is unparalleled. To say I recommend her is an understatement. She is priceless."

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