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Massage and Guided Meditation

There is great therapeutic value in both massage and creative guided meditations. Both can have positive profound effects on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and well as being able to assist optimal performance.

Our brain and imagination is potentially one of the greatest self care tools when we learn how to use it effectively. A powerful ally in maintaining wellbeing and being our best self.

The list of issues and conditions that can be supported and assisted are abundant, as well as the areas in our life that we can enhance! Guided meditations use the power of your imagination and the use of your senses to effect positive personal changes in a most relaxing, enjoyable way.

During the massage, your breathing and mind are guided in specific direction such as a chosen mindset and feelings (i.e. deep inner peace, calm, confidence etc) or body sensations (i.e. feeling stronger, more vitality, deeper relaxation, relief from pain, insomnia or anxiety). A part of your mind will be focused and aware of everything I am saying while your body relaxes deeply, your brain wave slows down and becomes more receptive to absorb positive, affirming and resourceful suggestions.

Suggestions are to fulfil what you want as determined by a brief consultation which is included within your session. I will be using a combination of symbolic metaphors and imagery as well as a variety of language patterns to assist you to connect with the deeper, abstract, creative levels of your mind and consciousness. This process encourages profound healings, personal insights and break throughs.

Science has shown that the subconscious part of your mind does not differentiate between what is real and what is imagined. We take advantage of this to get the results YOU want. The words you say to yourself and the pictures in your mind are a bigger influence on you than anything outside of yourself. Through guided imagery, we can stimulate changes in your body and mind which are normally considered inaccessible to conscious influence. (Think of the physiological reaction in the body during a really scary or romantic movie…the conscious mind knows the difference…the subconscious mind does not. We get caught up in the emotions and drama with physiological responses to match…)

So how can this be of benefit to you?

It may just be that you find it difficult to switch off the busy mind, demands of your life, anxieties or worries. A combination of meditation and massage assists you to switch off external influences, relax more deeply and faster into inner peace and stillness. We know the benefits of that!

It’s well documented how famous and professional athletes, actors and musicians, and leaders in their field use creative visualisation to improve their performance and results.

Check out my other blog on the benefits of massage, the combination of meditation and massage can enhance any benefits of your massage.

For instance, both meditation and massage have been proven to lower blood pressure, heart rates, reduce stress levels, support sound sleep, decrease levels of anxiety and fear.

The Mayo clinic “Enhance healing thru guided imagery” Science Daily January 7th 2008 shows evidence of how the two have been shown to reduce negative side effects from cancer treatment, improve stress management, reduce frequency of headaches and reduce fear and anxiety before and after surgical procedures reducing the need for pain medication and faster recovery rates.

One of the easiest ways to relax is to daydream yourself to a happy safe place in your imagination. A winning combination when combined with a sensitive therapeutic awareness and massage which is matched to your body type and temperament.

The combination of Guided imagery and Massage releases you into a beautiful space… where the results are immediate and can have long term benefits … BLISS.

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